A Seamless Point-of-Sale Billing Option for MGAs & Carriers

Offering financing is a great way to entice customers and it could be the edge you need to sell a policy!  Luckily, gotoPremiumFinance makes producing a billing option at the point of sale exceedingly simple.  Our completely-integrated solution allows you to offer a total insurance package that includes billing terms.  Upon acceptance from the customer, the retail agent remits the net down payment to you and we fund the difference.  All communication thereafter takes place between the retail broker, the customer, and our firm.  This process requires no additional data entry for your staff and results in a higher hit-ratio for you and your firm.  



Step 1.  Click a button in your agency management software when you deliver a quote (this is the tough part).


Step 2.  You're done!


Step 3.  Get a coffee, grab a lap in the pool, sneak out early to golf...  we won't judge. 

Rating and
Management System Integration

We provide a hassle-free integration with your agency management or rating system; requiring very little help from your IT resources. The end result is the elimination of duplicate-data entry while simultaneously expediting the sales process. We've also created customized integrations for leading industry software as well as several “home grown” systems. Talk to us about integrating a powerful point-of-sale billing solution that will enable you to close more business!

gotoPremiumFinance Integration Advantages 


  • Increased Hit-Ratio

By offering a seamless payment plan with each insurance risk, your company will increase the number of policies written.

  • Seamless Integration

No additional data entry is required by your staff to produce a finance quote.

  • Reduced Admin Time/Expense

Zero policy verification calls are required!  Our relationship with you eliminates the need for time-consuming phone calls. 

  • Improved Retention

Our generous cancellation cycle, online cancellation hold feature and online payment option help you and your retail agents avoid costly cancellations and rewrites. 

  • Cross-Marketing

Our service allows you to market your products and services for free. 

  • Increased Income

We provide various revenue participation programs that allow you capture additional income on every financed policy.

  • Increased Cash Flow

We fund your company electronically on each loan ON TIME and include a detailed report for each loan funded.   

  • Reduced Agency Fraud Exposure

We fund YOU, not the agent—helping to eliminate fraud and giving you peace of mind.

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